This app generates cool looking Cloud from the words most used in tweets from people you are following on Twitter.

Take one look at this Cloud and see what is happening, what is important and what is most discussed now on Twitter. You can also see who is the most active user. This cloud is updated in real time. You can see the newest tweets in a new way.


After you start this application, it creates a Cloud Tag from 200 last tweets from your home timeline.You can touch any word and see only tweets containing this word.

At any moment you can switch to a mode that shows most active tweeters also in the Cloud form . Touch the name of the author and see only his tweets.

You can easily remove any word from the Cloud by adding it to a special list (Exclude)

To send your tweet just click the button Send.

Have fun to see what’s happening right now on Twitter in a completely different way.

See the demo of this app on Youtube
see  Lite version in App Store