This is an application which teaches you how to drive a car gently and economically.
You only need to install your iphone in the handle and run this application. Try to drive a car so gently that the virtual water in the virtual glass does not spill out.

When you drive economically it has a real benefit – it saves your money. When you are driving more eco you can save wearing down of your braking pads and up to 10 % of fuel consumption (and reduce emission of carbon dioxide.).
This application (using virtual spilt water from glass) shows you all mistakes and the bad habits when you drive. Gentle starting a car, gentle driving and smooth breaking in times when the fuel costs more and more are priceless.
You don’t need to take an expensive course to drive better. You only have to exercise with Eco-Drive.
Don’t try it at home it works best in the car.
Find some vast space and practice accelerating and hitting the brake gently.


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