Storm Alert for Apple Watch

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Observe trends of barometric pressure change on your Apple Watch.
This app works only with Apple Watch and need IPhone 6 or later.



You can see trends of atmospheric pressures change on your watch complications.

You do not need internet connection to use this application . You can use it in the mountains, forest, seas where there is no GSM mobile coverage.

Knowing the tendency of pressure (rise or fall), you can to some extent anticipate change in the weather.

A rapid fall of air pressure is a sign for bad weather.
A slow and constand increase is a sign for an improvement of the weather conditions, A rapid incease is a sign for a shorter period of better weather and a sign for strong winds.

Pressure changes also affect our health eg high atmospheric pressure increases blood pressure and its coagulation. Low atmospheric pressure can cause headaches or migraines, disturbed concentration and irritability so it is good to know how barometric pressure is changing.

Watches Series 1 and 2 do not have a barometer so the pressure data is downloaded every hour from your IPhone ( IPhone 6 or later ) so you need to keep IPhone connected with your Watch.

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