Apps for Apple Watch

1. Compass for Apple Watch

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Easily find direction to the North using Apple Watch.

Just use Digital Crown (on your Apple Watch) to point marker to the Sun and app shows you direction to the North.
It looks and feel like real compass, You do not need GPS and phone, only what you need is to see the Sun

2. Rangefinder for Apple Watch

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Measure the distance (in a straight line) between two places using your Apple Watch.

Save the current position in the app then go to the destination point and read the distance from your Watch, this application implements Complications so you can read live the distance straight from the watch face.

3. Tetris game for Apple Watch

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Now, you can play in Tetris on your Watch.
Use digital crown to rotate piece and buttons to move left and right.
Game include global Leaderboard ( GameCenter) so you can compete with other players.

4. FullDate for Apple Watch


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The application created especially for Apple Watch, allows you to read the full date, week number and day number in the year

You can specify what should be displayed in the complication:
1 / Full date (month, day, year) – the complication built into the system does not display all of them at once.
2 / day of year
3 / week number

5. Storm Alert for Apple Watch

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Observe trends of barometric pressure change on your Apple Watch.
You do not need internet connection to use this application . You can use it in the mountains, forest, seas where there is no GSM mobile coverage.

6. Moon Lander  game for Apple Watch

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First simulation of the lunar landing for Apple Watch.

7. Bomber game for Apple Watch

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Funny retro game for Apple Watch

Try to land , drop bombs to destroy towers.

8. CryptoCoin for Apple Watch

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This Watch app displays price of your favourite cryptocurrency in your local currency. It’s displayed on your Watch face (in complications) so you can get it at the glance.
Your Watch connects with every 10 minuts to get most actual ticker.

9. Trade Ban in Poland for Apple Watch


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If you are planning a stay in Poland, this is undoubtedly an application for you, thanks to which it will be easier to plan your shopping.

From March 2018, there is a ban on Sunday trading in Poland. Each month, the shops are open only on  last Sunday of the month, unless that day is a public holiday. With this application, you’ll be able to easily find out whether the stores will be open or closed this Sunday (taking into account public holidays).

10. FlashCards for Apple Watch


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Get the most out of your Apple Watch to learn English. Learn English words with the method of flashcards, invented by Sebastian Leitner, which is one of the most effective methods of learning a foreign language. This application for flashcards on your watch uses a system with 5 successive boxes. As you progress in learning, the words you already know will go from one box to the next and appear on the display of your watch less and less frequently. The goal of learning is to get all flashcards into the last box. The advantage of this method is that the learner can focus on the most difficult flashcards, which remain in the first few boxes. The result is, ideally, a reduction in the amount of study time needed. Another function of the application Fiszki Na Zegarek is displaying additional words to learn on the watch face every 10 minutes (in complications). Learn by using your watch, it’s like always having your box with flashcards with you!

11. Facebook Likes Counter for Apple Watch


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This simple app display on your Watch face(complications) numbers of Likes of your favourite Facebook post.
Likes number means summary of all reaction (LIKE, LOVE, WOW, HAHA, SAD, ANGRY, THANKFUL)
Your watch need to be connect with ypor IPhone to get this informations.
(every 20 minuts app on Watch connects with your phone to get this data)

12. Time Friend for Apple Watch

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You have friends abroad and you want to know immediately what time it is in theirs country/city or maybe you are organizing a call with a client or co-workers who are in different time zones, this application is for you. Just enter name and choose the right time zone and this information will be available on your Apple Watch right away.
Use complications to quick start app on Watch