Full Date for Apple Watch

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Do not waste time figuring out the current date!
See the full date (day, month, year), week number, day of year right on the Apple Watch.

The application created especially for Apple Watch, allows you to read the full date, week number and day number in the year after the first look at the watch face of the Apple Watch.

The application supports all new complications, including those of Series 4.

You can specify what should be displayed in the complication:
1 / Full date (month, day, year) – the complication built into the system does not display all of them at once.
2 / day of year
3 / week number

Thanks to this application, you will never wonder what day of the week it is now, what month, what week of the year, or how many days the current month has.

With the application, you can read the full date (day, month, year, week number) by looking at the Apple Watch face.

Don’t waste time with the current date!
If you need to sign documents and enter a date quickly, if you are working on a project and need to know the current week number, this application is for you.

A quick glance and you know everything. 🙂